Jean-Cedric Meeus

UNICEF Küresel Ulaştırma Şefi

Jean-Cedric Meeus work focusses on improving supply chains with UNICEF since 2001. He is currently the Chief of Global Transport at UNICEF Supply Division covering off shore and in land transport. Since 2001, Jean-Cedric performed in different Supply chain functions based in Mozambique, HQ NY (Supply Emergency Response Officer), HQ Copenhagen (Chief Emergency Supply Manager), Dakar Regional office of Western and Central Africa as regional (RO Supply Chain manager) to finally take his current position in Copenhagen. Prior to UNICEF, Jean-Cedric performed as Supply and Program Technical Specialist with MSF for 9 years in different countries.

Jean-Cedric has led and managed emergency operations and Supply chain teams in a wide range of global humanitarian crises and development programs over the past three decades. Constantly seeking new challenges, and through humanitarian and private sector networks, he strives to improve delivery of humanitarian aid by influencing and implementing practical, innovative changes. Through Jean-Cedric’s different positions he managed pharmaceuticals, immunization, health, education and WASH commodities to be delivered from origin to beneficiaries in support to UNICEF and government program activities.